Naature Information Technologies

Naature Information Technologies Inc., founded in 2002 and entered the path of incorporation as a joint-stock company in 2013, became one of the most reliable technology companies in our country today thanks to its expert personnel and strong infrastructure, being proud of becoming the "very first" company in the field of certified distance education systems, online payment systems and smart city applications.

Naature Technology has been focused on providing internet-based enterprise technology solutions to its clients, while developing its infrastructure and training its personnel in this direction. Naature offers need-based realistic technology solutions being aware of that providing technology solutions is just a beginning of a years-long partnership.

Naature Technology creates turn-key project solutions covering services as web-based applications, desktop applications, mobile applications, smart city applications, crm applications and robotic applications. The main activities of Naature Technology are corporate website design, web-based application development, mobile application development, e-commerce services, smart city applications, robotic-based applications, online corporate training portals, business and customer tracking softwares, custom desktop softwares, live support systems, bulk sms systems and online payment systems.

Naature Academy, Soyut Academy, Naature E-commerce Packages, Naature Bulk SMS System, Naature Live Support System and Naature Association Management System are just some of the trademarked and end-user-targeting projects of Naature Technology.

Naature Technology also hosts traditional Golden Lens Technology Awards being the legal owner of this big event.

Our Vision:
To become the leading company of Turkey specialized on fields as distance education systems, smart city applications, mobile applications and web-based applications offered to private and public institutions.

Our Mission:
To contribute the Turkish IT sector by providing integrated, innovative, creative solutions for all Internet and mobile-based application needs of various companies and organizations as client-specific, specialized, value-added services developed using latest technologies.

Our Goals:
• To carry the customer satisfaction to highest possible point by continuous improvement philosophy
• To establish efficient partnerships
• To be at a leading position in quality, customer satisfaction and technological developments
• To motivate, create job-satisfaction and support improvement of personnel

Our Policy:
We embark on, as a company policy, investing on necessary infrastructure and personnel to ensure privacy, integrity and accessibility of every service and information provided to our clients by assessing terms of contract, legislation and quality management; improving our processing by continuously updating it; continuously improving our technological infrastructure and continuing our increased social responsibility projects.

Our Corporate Information:

Trade Name:Naature Information Technologies, Inc.
Tax Office:Umraniye Tax Office
Tax Number:627 042 2421
Trade Registry:Istanbul Chamber of Commerce - 879188
Mersis Number:0627042242100011
Head Office:Cinarli 10, Cumhuriyet, Uskudar - Istanbul, Turkey
Contact Information:+90 216 344 6715 -